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1. Diaphragm pump body 

2. Macro Mixture screw and housing 

Where Used: In pumping of corrosive liquids/chemicals where the body gets corroded in a very short time (Chemical Process Industries).
Advantages: Longer life of the pump body, safe operations, less maintenance
System Used: PVDF, Teflon-Tefzel 500 to 1000 microns. (0.5 to 1.0 mm)
Customers: Cyanamid and Chemicals, Olpad, Surat. 
Where Used: For conveying sticky acrylic fibers
System Used: Teflon FEP 60 to 80 microns (.06 to 0.08mm)
Advantages: Ease of conveying, Ease of material flow, fewer loads on the motor,
less friction development, Ease of maintenance, Faster productivity.
Customers: Acrylic plants at IPCL Baroda & Indian Acrylic at Sangrur, Chandigarh.

3. SS dough mixture having various sugar percentage 

4. MS sieve plate 2750-mm Dia., 7500 perforations of 11mm Dia., 114 mm thick plate

Where Used: In various food and pharmaceutical industries
System used: Teflon PFA 80 to 100 microns (.08 to 0.1mm)
Advantages: Ease of mixing, better homogenization of ingredients, Less usage of water for Cleaning.
Customers: Various food and pharmaceutical Industries.
Where used: Polymerization of polyethylene 
System Used: Teflon PTFE 50 to 80 microns (.05 to .08mm)
Advantages: Ease of maintenance, Less contamination of material.
Customers: Reliance Industries, Hajira Surat, and Gas Authority of India, Pata, UP.

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