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5. Low pressure separators top and bottom along with sieve plate. Total weight of the job - approx. 63 tons.

Where Used: Polymerization of polyethylene.
System used: Teflon PTFE 50 to 80 microns (.05 to .08mm)
Advantages: Ease of cleaning, no contamination of earlier copolymer, less maintenance time, faster cycle time.
Customers: Reliance Industries, Hajira & Gas Authority of India, Pata, U.P

6. MS tray 

7. Plug valves

Where used: BOOTS manufacturing plant.
Advantages: Ease of removal of material, ease of cleaning and faster cycle time.
System used: Food grade Teflon PTFE 80 to 100 microns(.08 to 0.1mm)
Customers: Smith Klein Beecham, Nabha, & Rajmundary.
Where used: Isolating valve being used in various chemical and petrochemical Fertilizer and other industries for combating corrosion.
Advantages: Eliminates the use of lubricating stick for easy movement of valves and to Combat corrosion
System Used: PFA hard coat or Tefzel 800 to 1000 microns (0.8 to 1mm)
Customers: Kamal Valves, Jamnagar.

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