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We take pride in having a well developed infrastructure to service our clients. The parts to be coated have to be brought at the site of Ami Polymers as the coating process involves thorough surface preparation, accurate spraying (clean air) and controlled oven/furnace monitoring.

Later on, if need arises coated parts can be repaired at customers’ site. The repair job at customers’ end will depend on the extent of damage and kind of damage to the coating.

Process Steps

  1. Metal surface preparation. For detailed knowledge about preparation before coating, click here.

  2. Surface preparation (Grit blasting or glass bead blasting depending on the    thickness of coating to be applied)

  3. Applying primer (different primer for different fluoropolymers)

  4. Air dry the primer or bake the primer in the oven

  5. Spray the top coat (Fluoropolymer) and cure it in the oven/furnace.

  6. Repeat the 5th step till the desired thickness is attained.

Coating to be applied depends on:

  • End use

  • Chemical involved

  • Temperature Condition

  • Erosion

Full vacuum can be applied in coated vessels. We have the full fledged facility for checking the porosity in the coating which is checked either by a spark tester or Ultrasound tester or Phenolphthalein test as the case may be.


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